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ZSS 20w50

A high performance semi-synthetic engine oil for 4-stroke motorcycle engines.
ZSS 20w50 - 1 Litre
ZSS 20w50 - 1 Litre
ZSS 20w50 - 4 Litre
ZSS 20w50 - 4 Litres


A high performance semi-synthetic engine oil for 4 stroke motorcycle engines requiring a SAE 20w50 viscosity. Based on the highest quality performance additives and shear stable viscosity improvers in synthetic and mineral base stocks.


Use for lubrication of 4-stroke motorcycle, kart and scooter engines specifying a SAE 20w50 viscosity. Ideal for V-twin and older, larger capacity engines. Suitable for use in machines fitted with oil immersed ‘wet’ clutches.

User Benefits

  • Sophisticated performance additive package offers maximum protection and reliability
  • Viscometrics reduce oil consumption making this oil particularly suitable for motorbikes running long distance and in severe operating conditions
  • Formulated to provide high temperature viscosity at the top limit of an SAE 50 which ensures that oil pressure will be maintained under extreme conditions

Performance Profile

  • API: SG, SH, SJ

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