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Zeroflo Two

Improves the cold flow characteristics of diesel fuel and depresses the formation of wax crystals at low temperatures
ZeroFlo Two - 1 Litre
Zeroflo Two - 1 Litre
ZeroFlo Two - 5 Litre
Zeroflo Two - 5 Litres


Zeroflo Two is an additive for diesel fuel to improve its cold flow characteristics and depress the formation of wax crystals which form at low temperatures. Fuel will vary in response to wax crystal modifiers on a fuel to fuel basis. Winter diesel and Gas oil should flow down to -15°C. The addition of Zeroflo Two at the recommended treatment should improve this by a further -5°C down to -20°C.


To be used at one part per 1000 parts of diesel fuel. The correct amount must be placed in the tank prior to fuel delivery to effect mixing. Additions must be made before the onset of wax crystal formation as Zeroflo Two cannot reverse this action.


  • Depression of fuel C.F.P.P. (Cold Filter Plugging Point)
  • Easy to use
  • Addition to fuel prior to onset of cold weather


  • Typical Characteristics Specific Gravity (at 15°C) :   0.891