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Motorsport Maintenance & Preparation

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Millers Oils have designed an array of high performance engine treatments and motorsport care products to work in harmony with the Nanodrive technology. Race cars, rally cars and motor bikes are put through their paces and tested to the limit. Millers Oils have a maintenance and prep range to make sure your motorsport vehicle is always in tip top condition.

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Black Moly MM2 Grease - 400g

A lithium grease with the inclusion of molybdenum disulphide. Ideal for applications where a high level of anti-wear and EP performance is required, both in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Hi-Mol 20 Grease - 500g

A specialised competition grease based on lithium soap and 20% molybdenum disulphide. Ideal for constant velocity joints and highly loaded sliding spline drive shafts.

Red Rubber Grease - 500g

A vegetable oil based grease thickened with pyrogenic silica. Ideal for the lubrication of rubber and associated components which are in contact with rubber.