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Millers Oils VISION Oil Analysis Kit - Motorsport


The world of motorsport is incredibly diverse, covering everything from small hill-climb events to top flight endurance racing. Regardless of the race or vehicle, all motorsport applications put both the engine and its oil under extreme operating conditions, affecting both component life and performance. 

In motorsport applications there are no pre-defined oil change or service intervals, making oil sampling an absolute must to understand not only the health of the oil, but also the health of the engine. Issues can be identified before they start to affect performance, and monitoring the oil over time allows longer term trends to be recognised and the causes rectified. 

By combining analysis results of an 80 ml oil sample with a completed vehicle questionnaire including information about race application, the vehicle and any modifications, the technical experts at Millers Oils will interpret the data and make bespoke recommendations.

The VISION Oil Analysis Kit - Motorsport contains:


  • 1 x 80ml Sample Bottle
  • 1 x Postal Tube
  • 1 x Sample Form with peel off label
  • 1 x Sample Kit Instructions
  • 1 x Pre-paid return postal bag (UK only - other countries will need to arrange suitable return courier)