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Millers Oils VISION Oil Analysis Kit - Motorcycle


Heavy traffic, modern engine technology and the rise of the gig economy have all contributed to increased levels of stop-start driving, which can take its toll on both your engine and its oil. These challenging driving patterns make it difficult to predict the length of time or number of miles before an oil change is required: your oil may need to be changed before the manufacturer recommended interval.

By taking an 80 ml oil sample, the condition of your oil and level of engine protection can be identified. Analysis of metal wear particles in the oil indicates engine component condition and any signs of premature wear - giving you a broader picture of the health of your engine.

Sample analysis can also help identify causes of engine failure, or simply give you peace of mind that your engine has been filled with the correct product.

Each kit comes with a tailored form containing a set of questions for you to answer about your specific vehicle, which the technical experts at Millers Oils will use alongside your oil sample analysis results to make recommendations for your oil. 

Results and recommendations are sent directly to your inbox.

The VISION Oil Analysis Kit  - Motorcycle contains:



  • 1 x 80ml Sample Bottle
  • 1 x Postal Tube
  • 1 x Sample Form with peel off label
  • 1 x Sample Kit Instructions
  • 1 x Pre-paid return postal bag (UK only - other countries will need to arrange suitable return courier)