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Millers Oils VISION Oil Analysis Kit - Classic Car


Oil has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last 30 years: additive technology and base oil chemistry has far exceeded original specifications and capabilities, allowing oil drain intervals to be extended. Sample analysis gives an insight into the health of both the oil and components to ensure maximum engine protection, giving you peace of mind for your classic vehicle.

By combining analysis results of an 80 ml oil sample with a completed vehicle questionnaire including information about your classic vehicle, the technical experts at Millers Oils will interpret the data and make bespoke recommendations.

The VISION Oil Analysis Kit - Classic Car contains:


  • 1 x 80ml Sample Bottle
  • 1 x Postal Tube
  • 1 x Sample Form with peel off label
  • 1 x Sample Kit Instructions
  • 1 x Pre-paid return postal bag (UK only - other countries will need to arrange suitable return courier)