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A bespoke CIK-FIA approved formulation for rotax and all high revving 2-stroke kart and bike engines.
KR2T - 1 Litre
KR2T - 1 Litre
KR2T - 5 Litre
KR2T - 5 Litres


KR 2T is a unique SAE 40 formulation, 2 stroke oil with a high performance/low ash profile. Specifically developed for high revving 2 stroke engines. Tested and proven in Rotax Max and Honda TM kart engines. Suitable for bikes, karts and all 2 strokes.


By mixing with petrol in the ratio recommended by the engine manufacturer, for use where maximum performance is required. (Typically between 40:1 and 50:1 should give best results).

User Benefits

  • Unique formulation improves sealing of the bores for increased power and torque.
  • Burns cleanly for improved throttle response.
  • Maximum lubricity for reduced wear.
  • Prevents sticking throttle.
  • Eliminates crank case deposits, making engine rebuilds easier.
  • Suitable for all high performance air / water cooled 2 stroke engines.
  • Can be used in outboard engines not requiring ashless oils.
  • Dyed blue for easy confirmation fuel has been treated.

Performance Profile

  • API: TC
  • JASO: FC
  • TISI: Low smoke

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