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Extra Cool - 250ml

This treatment modifies surface tension, thereby increasing coolant efficiency and reducing operating temperatures by up to 15˚C.


Concentrate multi-metal corrosion inhibitor and coolant enhancer.


Dilute with water in the ratio 1 part Extra Cool to 50 parts water [2% solution] for corrosion inhibition of vehicle cooling systems and deposit reduction.


  • Helps to maintain coolant flow in radiators.
  • Reduces deposit formation in radiators.
  • Provides powerful corrosion protection for all metals found in engines e.g. aluminium, cast iron, etc.
  • Helps reduce coolant temperature by up to 15 degrees.


  • Reduces engine damage from internal coolant leaks.
  • Mixes with all good quality antifreezes.
  • Does not provide antifreeze protection.
  • Note: Antifreeze is often based on ethylene or propylene glycol, which are insoluble in oil. Internal coolant leaks may cause damage to highly stressed bearings.

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