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EPS Ethanol Protection Additive - 250ml

Designed to prevent ethanol corrosion when using unleaded fuel and highly recommended for vehicles fitted with hardened valve seats. Endorsed by the FBHVC.


This product is a fuel treatment which provides ethanol protection when using unleaded fuel. Prevents fuel system corrosion and helps protect components. Also compatible with catalytic converters.


Recommended for rebuilt classic engines with hardened valve seats previously requiring leaded fuel and now running on unleaded fuel where an octane improver and lead replacement are not required. One bottle treats approx 50 litres of unleaded fuel.


  • Endorsed by the FBHVC to protect against the corrosion effects of ethanol in modern fuels.
  • Combats the adverse effects of ethanol in fuel (up to E10).
  • Prevents fuel system corrosion.
  • Helps protect components.
  • Carburettor anti-icing formula.
  • Compatible with catalytic converters.

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