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Increases fuel efficiency, reduces overall fuel costs, lowers emissions and cleans injectors
Millers Eclipse  - 1 Litre
Eclipse - 1 Litre
Millers Eclipse  - 5 Litre
Eclipse - 5 Litres


ECLIPSETM is a revolutionary new fuel additive that not only increases fuel efficiency, thereby reducing overall fuel costs, but also lowers emissions and cleans injectors.


Eclipse is designed to work with all types of diesel engines, especially Euro IV Euro V and Euro VI emission compliant vehicles. It is also backward compatible with Euro III and older type vehicles and mobile plant. Eclipse can be used by adding it to the bulk fuel tank or individual vehicle tanks in the ratio 1 part to 1000 parts fuel (1ml/Litre).

User Benefits

  • Eclipse features a unique combustion efficiency improver and cetane booster which provides increased MPG.
  • Independent trials have shown up to 5% improvement in MPG.
  • Eclipse reduces harmful exhaust emissions – by increasing cetane and incorporating a detergency additive - reducing the fleet operators' impact on the environment.
  • Eclipse actively cleans and lubricates injectors and fuel systems, which improves engine efficiency and can prevent premature pump failure.
  • The low treatment rate means that only low volumes of Eclipse are required, making it extremely cost effective and easy to store.
  • Engine smoothness, noise reduction and fuel savings have all been confirmed by users
  • Eclipse inhibits corrosion and prevents fuel from ageing.

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