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CSS 10w40 Engine Oil

A high performance semi synthetic road and race oil for car and motorcycle engines alike.
CSS 10w40 - 1 Litre
CSS 10w40 Engine Oil - 1 Litre
CSS 10w40 - 5 Litre
CSS 10w40 Engine Oil - 5 Litres


High performance competition semi-synthetic engine oil. Combination of the highest quality and latest performance additives in synthetic and mineral base stocks.


for engine lubrication of high performance car or motorcycle engines. Suitable for modern high performance engines with or without turbo chargers

User Benefits

  • The latest lubricant technology has been utilised to provide a catalytic converter compatible oil, engineered to meet the demands of today?s competition engines and conditions.
  • Sophisticated performance additive package combined with semi-synthetic base fluid provides maximum engine protection and minimum power loss.

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