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Classic Care & Maintenance

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Millers Oils has a care and maintenance range to complement their classic range.

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Classic Preservation Oil 20w50 - 5 Litre

A dual purpose preservation oil SAE 20w50 mineral preservation oil for storage and limited running of engines.

Classic Running In Oil 30

A mineral based running in oil for vintage and classic engines designed for the initial running in of re-built engines.
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Classic Shock Oil 32 - 1 Litre

A medium SAE 10 shock oil designed to provide sport handling characteristics.

Classic Shock Oil 46 - 1 Litre

A heavy SAE 15 shock oil designed to provide competition handling characteristics.

Vintage Worm Steering Box Oil - 1 Litre

A high viscosity low friction mineral oil which has been specifically formulated for worm and other types of steering box. ISO 320.

Water Pump Grease - 500g

A premium quality calcium based grease suitable for applications involving moderate temperatures.