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Care & Maintenance

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Millers Oils have designed an array of high performance engine treatments and automotive products. From ones to help tackle unpleasant weather to stubborn slush removing engine flush – we have your back, and your bonnet.


  • A wide selection of greases
  • Screen Wash – offers protection from freezing down to -44 °C and helps remove dirt
  • Alpine Antifreeze Blue – a 2 year antifreeze using IAT (Inorganic acid technology)
  • Alpine Antifreeze Red – a 5 year antifreeze using OAT (Organic acid technology)
  • Brake Fluid – high boiling point DOT 4 fluid, ideal for ABS systems
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LHM Plus - 1 Litre

A green mineral based hydraulic fluid specially developed for Citröen cars. Miscible in all proportions with LHM and the mineral hydraulic fluids which matched the old Citroen specifications

Red Rubber Grease - 500g

Vegetable oil thickened grease with Pyrogenic Silica. Red in appearance.

Universal Brake Fluid DOT 4

A high boiling point brake fluid meeting current requirements of SAE J 1703 and FMVSS 116 DOT 4.
From £5.99

Alpine Antifreeze Extend Red

A high quality ethylene glycol antifreeze and coolant utilising OAT (organic acid technology). Red in appearance.
From £8.95